Monks team resolutions for 2024

We have been having fun with New Year resolutions this month, trying to beat some of those bad habits and choosing some positive goals for the year ahead.


With an impressive mix of health, property and career goals, we will be following the team’s progress all year.


  • “I’m doing Dry January to give myself a healthy start. But I’m also conscious of supporting my favourite bars and restaurants at this notoriously quiet time of year, so I’m still going out but ordering alcohol-free cocktails!” laughs Judy.


  • “My goal is to plan ahead with more family time booked into my diary”, says Patricia, inspired by her recent trip to her native Spain.


  • Beth in our Oswestry office has career goals: “Completing my National Association of Estate Agents qualification (just one more unit to go!) and progressing to a Senior Sales Negotiator.”


  • “Drinking two litres of water every day!” is Lucinda’s focus, staying healthy and hydrated while she oversees the Lettings and Rental department.


  • James will be moving house this year, having already sold and bought properties through Monks and awaiting his completion dates. He jokes “I need to advise myself now which is never easy!”.


  • “My promise to myself this year is to declutter my life”, offered Amanda. “I have accumulated so many things over the years.  We all have things in our homes that may be just what some other family needs.”


  • “Move house!” commits Suzanne in our marketing department. “After almost three years of renting and watching the market change, 2024 feels like the right time!”


While the Monks team can’t help you with all your resolutions, finding new homes is where we excel.  So if you are planning on selling, buying or renting property in 2024, Monks can make it happen!

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Monks team resolutions for 2024
Monks team resolutions for 2024

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