Landlord checklist

More information for landlords


It’s up to you to decide whether your property is suitable for pets.

Wear and tear

When letting a property, general wear and tear are inevitable, especially where there’s a frequent turnover of tenants. Regular redecorating and touching up will keep your property in a marketable condition.

Void periods

We don’t accept any liability for your property while it’s empty. So if it’s unoccupied during the winter months, we recommend you take precautions such as leaving the central heating on low or draining the plumbing down to avoid frost damage.

Specialist advice

We can offer advice on the following:

  • Rent reviews
  • Lettings law and legislation
  • Serving notices
  • Overseas landlord tax
  • Deposit Protection Scheme
  • Tenants’ obligations
  • Landlords’ obligations