Tenancy agreement

Once prospective Tenants have been accepted we shall then draw up an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, which was introduced by the Housing Act 1988 and subsequently amended by the Housing Act 1996.

Under the terms of this agreement the Landlord is entitled to a vacant property at the end of the term. It is not possible for either party to end the Tenancy prior to the end of the fixed term, except in certain circumstances such as non-payment of rent. After the fixed period, if the Landlord requires possession, notice of at least two months must be given.

The Tenancy can also be brought to an end after the fixed period by the Tenant providing one month’s notice. At the end of the fixed period if the Landlord does not give notice the Tenant may remain in the property. Thereafter the notice requirements for either party remain the same. If both parties are in agreement the Tenancy may be renewed for a further fixed period or continue on a roll over tenancy indefinitely – referred to as a Periodic Tenancy.

The Landlord remains responsible for the Buildings Insurance in respect of the property and is responsible for checking against any restrictions for letting if the property is subject to a mortgage or finance. We would also recommend that the Landlord insures contents such as carpets, curtains and appliances. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to insure their contents.

Once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed the Tenant is responsible for the payment of all Utility Bills in respect of the property including Council Tax. Monks will contact the relevant Utility Companies to inform them of the change of occupant so that all Utility bills can be transferred into the Tenant’s name with effect from the date of the Tenancy Agreement. At this time all meter readings will be passed onto the relevant companies.

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