Tactile layers go into Cornovii’s new Show Home

Buying a brand-new home is so exciting, but it can feel a little daunting when faced with a plain white interior.  Interior designer Anna Kayiatou explains how she builds up layers of colour, curves and texture to create a home where you want to linger.


Sheepskin rugs, wooden furniture and spiky flower decorations all feature in Anna’s designs for a reason.  “I want people to reach out and touch things”, she explains. “Running a hand along a tactile surface makes us slow down and take in our surroundings.  Engaging our sense of touch triggers surprise and delight, and that’s exactly how a new home should make you feel.”


Anna is adding her designer touch to the four-bedroom Rhyn on Cornovii Homes’ new development at Ifton Green in St Martin’s near Oswestry.  With a spacious lounge, open-plan kitchen and dining room, and four very different bedrooms, Anna advises that each space should feel unique and yet complement your over-arching style.


A scheme of nature-inspired shades and textures unifies Anna’s design.  Creamy fabrics, mango wood furniture and cinnamon-hued accessories create a calming ground floor.


Upstairs the colours and fabrics are darker and richer with nods to the animal world:  peacock-green, charcoal-feathered herons, and cheeky brass monkeys.


Anna likes to introduce curves to soften a room and create movement.  An oval-shaped dining table is great for bringing people together and allowing easy access to the smart patio and garden beyond.  “This table is one of our best sellers!” smiles Anna, referring to her shop in Shrewsbury, Dutch Living, which sells furniture and accessories sourced from Holland, Belgium and Denmark.


Cornovii Homes have created a welcoming Show Home where you can relax and plan your next move.  To book your viewing, email Judy or call 01743 361422.


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