A New-Build or pre-loved home? A look at the unique benefits of each.

A New-Build or pre-loved home? A look at the unique benefits of each

In Shrewsbury we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of homes on offer. Whether it is a brand-new build, or an existing pre-loved home that you are after, Shrewsbury certainly has it covered. With so much on offer, the decision around which type of home you are looking to invest in, can become difficult.

Thanks to our heavy involvement in Shrewsbury’s New-Build scene, as well as our excellent existing homes portfolio, we are a unique and very well-informed bunch here at Monks. Equipped to offer you the experts opinion on both type of home, we have put together some of the highlights of each to help you to get your thoughts in order…

The Case for the New-Build Home:

  1. No chain
    As you are the first person to purchase the home, you are free from the dreaded chain scenario that can threaten the completion date of your property purchase and leave you open to gazumping. Choosing a New-Build home will cut the time it will take to move into your new home, as well as the stress involved with the purchase.
  2. They come with Warranties
    The majority of New-Build homes (around 80%) carry a 10-year warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC). This means that the quality of your new home is automatically insured against any problems that you may have with your New-Build property.
  3. Built to suit your taste
    When you buy a New-Build, you have the luxury of being able to choose internal fittings such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and paint colours (in some cases you can even alter building plans to create a space best suited to your needs). What better way to start life in your New-Build than without the need to re-decorate or upgrade the kitchen and bathroom!

The Case for the existing Home:

  1. Character
    When you purchase an older property, you will be getting the benefit of an established home and garden. Usually positioned on a larger plot that its new-build cousin, the existing home offers lots of little extras that you won’t get with a new-build property. From period features inside the home through to mature trees within larger garden plots, the time in which the property has been around, will have certainly added a unique character to the home.
  2. Open to Negotiation
    When purchasing an older home, the opportunity to negotiate on price with the seller comes with it. Taking into account all sorts of things, from the condition of the house, the timeframes that the current owner has to move in to any issues with the building or the plot, the buyer has the power to reign in the price to fit the budget. This is not the necessarily the case when you buy off-plan.
  3. Joining an established neighbourhood
    Moving straight into an existing community is something that might appeal to those thinking of purchasing an older home. Often near amenities such as shops, schools etc, developments of older homes have often had the benefit of spacious planning in the past, to allow greater convenience to be built into the scheme. Elements such as a Neighbourhood Watch group may also be a factor already established into an exiting community.

There are of course, many more advantages for each type of home that we can talk you through to help you to make your decision. Please do feel free to call us or to email us directly for a chat anytime, alternatively, you are always welcome to pop into our offices in Shrewsbury.

If you are considering a New-Build property in Shrewsbury, you may be interested in attending the Shropshire New Homes Exhibition on the 14th & 15th April 2018 at Montgomery Waters Meadow (Shrewsbury Town Football Ground) in Shrewsbury. Bringing together all of the housing professionals you need under one roof, please get this FREE event into your diary. For further details please click here


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